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        Strength, derived from the continuous innovation and service to the world since the 1970s, with technology in multiple fields of mortar application
        Concrete 3D printing technology and equipment
        UHPC, ECC ultra-high performance and high ductility concrete production mixing equipment
        Building surface spraying and finishing machinery
        Non excavation inspection wells, drainage pipelines, box culverts, elevated bridge box girder lining spraying repair machinery and technology
        Iron ladle, steel ladle, intermediate ladle, spray repair, wind power facility grouting equipment Self leveling mortar construction technology and equipment
        Construction Technology and Equipment for Artificial Landscape in Theme Parks
        Grouting construction machinery for light steel integrated building mesh wall
        Fireproof and anti-corrosion coating machinery for steel structure building surface layer
        Road, bridge, tunnel grouting reinforcement, fire prevention, water...


        ★Wind power infrastructure grout
        ★Wall mortar spray finish
        ★Tunnel lining and steel structure building fireproof surface coating

        ★Concrete 3D printing job
        ★Prefabricated building wall polystyrene particle insulation mortar grouting, wall slab pouring

        ★Urban municipal inspection Wells centrifugal spray construction repair
        ★Iron and steel industry furnace lining, iron water tank, tundish spray repair

        ★Production of high ductility and ultra-high performance concrete
        ★It can also replace mud pumps for geological core drilling projects

        ★Theme park artificial landscape construction
        ★Curtain grouting, slope anchorage grouting, road and bridge tunnel grouting, pile foundation post-grouting

        ★Non-excavation underground drainage pipe, box culvert and highway viaduct box girder lining reinforcement spray repair

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